Change to registering as stem cell donor.

We welcomed a record number of 80.000 new donors in 2018 alone. This is a very encouraging development, which really calls for new measures that will allow us to continue to manage this increase in a way that is affordable.   Therefore, from 1st January, 2019 Matchis will be introducing a (compulsory) one-off registration everyone aged between 36 and 55 who wants to register as a stem cell donor.

A major part of the increase in the number of donors is the result of ‘spontaneous’ sign-ups following appeals from patients and their family members and the media attention that this has attracted. As a result of these appeals, in more than half of the cases, the people who came forward were over 35 years old, whereas over 80 percent of the matched donors are of a younger age group.
Registering and typing the tissue of each potential donor who signs up costs 35 Euros on average.
The financial resources of Matchis are not unlimited.
The large increase in combination with the chance of a match with a patient has led us to regulate the growth of our donor database.

Single registration fee for age 36 - 55 years
From 1st January, 2019 Matchis will be introducing a (compulsory) single registration fee of 35 Euros for everyone aged between 36 and 55 who wants to register as a stem cell donor. People in this age group can still register as a stem cell donor, against compensation for the costs that Matchis has to make.
The registration fee will be refunded if the donor is called upon to donate cells.
People between 18 and 35 (inclusive) who meet the medical requirements can register as a stem cell donor at no cost, and will remain registered until their 56th birthday.
Our goal is to register  as much as possible potential donors in the age group between 18 and 35. The various campaigns to get people to sign up that will be used in the coming years will be aimed more at younger people.

Matchis Foundation 
Matchis foundation enables patients with leukaemia and other severe blood disorders to receive stem cell transplantation, by finding a matching donor as quickly as possible. These transplants are vital for the patient to survive. More than 270.000 people are registered as a potential stem cell donor.
Matchis is a non-profit organisation. Our income is obtained by reimbursements from the health insurance of patients in search of a stem cell donor, government subsidies and donations from sponsors.

Frequently asked questions

The number of stem cell donors who register with the Matchis Foundation has risen enormously in the last few years. In 2014 we had just over 50,000 donors on file; this year this number has increased to more than 270,000. We welcomed a record number of 80,000 new donors in 2018 alone.  
Each new registration costs € 35,-. The decision to strive for a more structured recruitment has been made, as the budget of Matchis isn’t infinite. 
This means that from 1 January 2019 people aged 18 to 35 years can register as new stem cell donors at no cost. We require a compulsory single registration fee of 35 euros for people aged 36 to 55 years. The reason for this age limit is that over 80% of stem cell donors are found in the age category up to 35 years.  
People aged 36 and older are called much less often to donate than the younger group. They now make up over forty percent of all registered stem cell donors.

Stem cells donated by a younger donor are preferred as scientific research has shown that this increases the patient’s chances of recovery.  

This is evident from several international studies. The exact reason is not yet known. It is probably due to the fact that young people have been exposed less to diseases, unhealthy lifestyles etc than older donors and that their stem cells are better suited to patients than those of older donors.

Matchis receives a subsidy form the ministry of health, welfare and sport. There are no possibilities to finance registrations through the health insurance law. 

No, we aren’t worried to miss matches because of this. Our goal remains to increase the number of registered donors with 50.000 per year. This growth must come from the younger age group. This group is where most donors are found, so if that group grows, the number of patient whom we are looking for a donor can also increase. 

You can register as a stem cell donor via the registration form on our website.  When completing the form, you will be redirected to your bank to pay the registration costs via Ideal. 

No, the registration costs are only for people above 35 registering after 01-01-2019.

No, the registration costs are only if you are above 35 when registering.

The costs consist of: 

€ 10 registration set, handling and postage costs 

€ 25 tissue typing costs laboratory 

Total 35 euros.

Yes, if you are rejected during your registration and you have already paid, we will refund the amount paid to the account number from which you have paid. If you have doubts about your medication and want to know in advance whether you can register, please contact us via our contact form.

No. The costs you pay are the costs for the registration set and the typing (click here to build up the costs). If you have to deregister (later) due to medical situation or emigration, the costs have already been incurred. You will not receive any money back then

Yes, in that case we will, if desired, refund the 35 euros to you. 

You can only register as a stem cell donor in the country you live in. 

Yes, even if you are 36 or older, it is still usefull to sign up. Although a donation by a younger donor is much more common, donors aged 36 and older are still being asked for donation. Matchis must set the age limit to 35 in order to keep growth manageable and affordable