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The Matchis Foundation is happy to contribute to all sorts of media expressions to highlight the importance of stem cell donation and more stem cell donors.

Within the framework of the Dutch Human Tissue Act, known as the Wet Veiligheid en Kwaliteit Lichaamsmateriaal (WVKL), the Dutch Government has recognised Matchis as a Tissue Establishment.  This means that Matchis has permission to import blood stem cell products into the Netherlands for transplant purposes.

Matchis is very careful about the way they handle the personal details of their registered donors. Donors are entered into the global database anonymously. These details are only used for the purpose of finding a suitable donor for a patient. Only members of staff working for Matchis may approach a donor with a request to donate stem cells. We have set out the way that we protect your personal details in our Privacy Regulations. These regulations are available via this link.

In January 2008 Matchis was certified by the WMDA, proving that we work in accordance with the WMDA guidelines (

Netcord Fact is an international organisation that sets the guidelines for umbilical cord blood banks. These guidelines cover the taking, processing, storing, selecting and procuring of umbilical cord blood units for patients. Matchis facilitates the selection and the issuance of these umbilical cord blood units and maintains contact with the transplant centres. In 2009, Matchis, together with the umbilical cord blood bank in Leiden, received Nedcord Fact’s certificate of approval.


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