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Matchis is continuously logging activities on its web environment. Those logs contain data like your IP address, browser type, last visited webpage and similar data. Logs are used exclusively to analyze the usage of the website and to optimize the usability of the website and our service. This visitor information is not relatable to individuals and will not be used to identify you personally.

Some parts of the website of Matchis can contain Cookies. See Cookies.

Matchis is committed to the protection of your privacy. Because we, as a stem cell donor center, work with your personal data on a daily basis, including data about your health, it is of great interest to ensure a reliable and secure processing of your data. For further information please consult our Privacy Policy donors.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

Despite our care for a reliable and secure processing of your data it can nevertheless occur that there is still a vulnerability. If you discover such a vulnerability, you can report this to us in a confidential manner. This approach is known as the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. Matchis is committed to working together with you to improve the protection for our donors and systems.

See this page for more information about reporting a vulnerability. 


The information below is applicable to all visits to and use of Matchis’ website and to all information and details provided via this website and the websites that are referred to herein.


All the components (text, graphics, etc.), as well as the design and all applicable codes and other parts of the Matchis website, and in particular the photographs on this website, are protected by copyright.
The Matchis Foundation is responsible for all information provided on this website. The information is regularly screened and adjusted where necessary. Medical information is screened by doctors employed by Matchis.

Use of the Matchis logo is only permitted with the prior, written authorization of Matchis. Also, the use of (parts of) the design and/or the content of this website, in any way whatsoever, is only permitted with the prior, written authorization of Matchis and/or one (or more) of the copyright holders. Permission for the above-mentioned can be requested from the department Donor Relation and Communication.

The use of information and data

Users may draw on the information and data on the Matchis website for their own use by copying, printing or saving it, only if they quote their source.

All other use of Matchis’ website, such as using it for commercial purposes, reproducing the multimedia and software on Matchis’ site or using (a part of) Matchis’ website is not permitted without written authority. This permission can be requested from the department Donor Relation and Communication.

Even though all of the pages on Matchis’ website have been produced with the greatest possible care, no rights can be derived from it. Matchis accepts no liability for anything that could result from the contents of the pages on Matchis’ website. Matchis expressly accepts no liability for any damage caused by the use of this website.

Links to third parties

Matchis has no influence over any links to third parties so can never be held responsible for the content of any of these pages. Matchis accepts no liability for the content, the protection of privacy or any of the services offered by of any of these third party websites.

Links to the Matchis website

Legitimate links to Matchis’ website are permitted, so long as the good name of Matchis is not harmed by so doing. And, where this is not the case, it must be made clear that Matchis has not consented to and/or does not support this.

Preferably, any links to the Matchis website should be directed to the homepage:  and should be described as ‘Matchis’. A link to the Matchis website should, preferably, refer to a separate page in a new browser window. Links to other pages within the Matchis website are permitted under the same conditions but the continuing existence and/or name of these pages cannot be guaranteed.


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