Donor portal

The donor portal is a service provided by the Matchis Foundation, whereby people who are registered as a stem cell donor can see and change their personal details, when required. Donors can, among other things, change their address details and see the status of their registration.

Login Donor Portal

Your login in the donor portal is based on the e-mail address or telephone number as provided Matchis with your donor registration, in combination with your date of birth. You will then receive a verification code by text message or email with which you must log in.

The Donor Portal contains your name, gender, date of birth, your address details, your e-mail address and your telephone number. You can also find the status of donor registration.

You can adjust data yourself in the donor portal. It is important that the information which Matchis Foundation has is correct. When you are a match with a patient, Matchis will contact you to discuss whether you are still suitable and willing to be a stem cell donor. For that reason it is important that Matchis has the correct contact details.

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