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Complaints Procedure

Read here what to do should you have a complaint about the service provided by Matchis, or how you have been treated by one of our staff members.

The care of our donors is given top priority at Matchis and that is why Matchis finds it very important that everyone is satisfied with the care and service they receive. Still, it could well be that you are dissatisfied with the assistance or the care that you have been offered.  If you are dissatisfied, then we want to hear about it. This will give us the chance to find a solution, together with you. It also helps us to improve the quality of the care and service we provide.

Do you have a complaint?  
If you are dissatisfied with the service or treatment provided by one of our members of staff, we ask you to first discuss this with us personally. This conversation can make everything perfectly clear-cut and this usually resolves any uncertainties. If your complaint isn’t resolved during this personal meeting, you can always file a complaint using our contact form. A full description of the complaints procedure can be found here: Matchis’ Complaints Procedure


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