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How do I register as a stem cell donor?

Registering as a stem cell donor is easy via our online registration form. You can register as a stem cell donor at no cost if you are 18 to 35 years old. In the 36 to 55 age group, a one-off registration fee of 35 Euros is compulsory for registration.

Register as a stem cell donor

You can easily register as a stem cell donor by filling out our online registration form. You will be asked for personal information and to go through a medical questionnaire to check whether you can become a stem cell donor.

Confirmation link
Once you have completed the form you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Clicking on this link will confirm your registration. If you have left details of the use of medication, this will be assessed by a donor doctor after confirmation.

If you are unable to register due to medication use, you will be notified by email. If no medication is entered or if the use of medication is not an objection, you will receive a registration kit at home. You will receive an email when the registration kit is sent.

In the registartion kit you will find three swabs, needed to obtain a bit of your cheek mucosa. These swabs need to be sent back in the added return envelope. You will receive a confirmation by email when the envelope has been received. 
The registration kit can be traced back to your personal data only by Matchis, using the barcodenumbers. 

Note: As soon as you have obtained your cheek mucoas, it is important that you post the registration set as quickly as possible.

HLA typing, blood type and CMV status are determined on the basis of your cheek mucosa in the laboratory. With this data you will be entered into the  worldwide stem cell donor database. From that moment you can be called upon to donate stem cells.


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