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Help out

You can do something to make a difference to stem cell donation in a number of different ways.

  • Become a volunteer
  • Organise an activity
  • Help as a company, society or institution
  • Become an ambassador
  • As a patient or a donor

Become a volunteer

When you don’t want to take on the whole organisation of a recruitment drive, you could help with existing drives. When you volunteer, you will be given extensive information so that you will be able to provide other people with information about stem cell donation during a recruitment drive. You will be included in a database of volunteers and we will contact you when there is an event taking place close to where you live. In this way you can attend events as often as you like and use your knowledge and experience to provide potential donors with information and to sign them up.

Organise an activity

You could organise an activity yourself, in your own neighbourhood, to recruit new stem cell donors. We can always help you with information, tips, promotional material and we can also attend the event so that people can register as a donor right away. If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us or if you have a good plan, please get in touch with us.

Help as a company, society or institution

There are many different ways that companies can get involved. You could sponsor us, support us financially, spread promotional material or roll your sleeves up and take action by fundraising or recruiting new donors.

Become an ambassador

Provide the people around you with information about stem cell donation. The more people know about how important it is and how it works, the better. At the same time you can also get actively involved in our Foundation in many other ways.

As a patient or a donor

Have you donated stem cells or had a stem cell transplant? Will you be getting a stem cell transplant or are you looking for a donor? And would you like to share your story? Then please contact us.


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